There are millions of people suffering from addictions all over the world. Only a few of them have a chance to get treatments. Personal counselling is time consuming and expensive. In some countries the addicts are “lucky” and so these services are paid for.

At UR Original we believe everyone has the right to be cured from their addiction. At UR Original we are developing online based platforms for individual treatments. We don’t want to compete with anybody, but we believe there is room for alternative, drastically cheaper methods, that can be deployed globally.

What is addiction?

Pain is the cause of addiction. When the reality is too painful, we look for a way to escape. We become addicted to the escape, not of the means used to accomplish that.

What is the benefit of addiction?

Addiction is a painkiller. The body develop and addiction to escape the pain, when reality gets to painful.

Our Process

  1. Identify the need

We let all users do a simple test. We call it the Happiness Test. The test doesn’t show if anybody is addicted, but it shows if the person is in pain and is in the risk zone of developing an addiction. The results are the foundation for the individual development plan.

  1. Show how important the person is

Everyone on our platforms are important. Their experiences, thoughts and time are pressures gifts they can share with others. A feeling of importance, a sense of pride and a team spirit are often the boost the individual need to take the first steps.

  1. Individual development

Each person has their needs. We can offer them a tailor-made development plan which aims to fill the void in their life. Each part of the program focuses on one part of the pain. By relieving the pain, we hope to decease the pain and ultimately make the addiction disappear.

  1. Socialize and engagement
    We build social platforms where the users can interact. We provide them with a live chat, forum and a schedule for ZOOM-meetings. The individual are encourage to participate in events, challenges and group meetings. All with the aim to build new friendships.
  2. Become an Accountability Body

A proven method to help yourself is to help others. Therefore, we encourage everybody to be part of our Accountability Body program. The individual get someone to be responsible for and someone to be accountable towards.

  1. Take back your identity

When an individual has finished cured the pain, it is as a free person. Someone that can identify themselves as who they really are. Not as a sober addict! By relieving the pain, they have become free and the need to escape is gone. They have taken back the control of their lives.