Enigma Media

Have you ever stopped for a minute and asked yourself; what is my passion in life? What makes me feel good and what do I love doing?

Enigma Media is a small company full of passion for learning. We are living in the time that changes quicker than any other time before us. Change is seen as a threat to some people. We embrace it, try to learn from it and take an active part to form the change. We believe in challenging the standards and go our own way in everything we do.

Enigma Media is an online based company. Most of our customers come from the Nordic countries, but we service customers all across Europe. Our business idea is to create high-quality websites and market different products as an affiliate. Even if we keep close contact with our suppliers we are a completely independent affiliate company. Our customers can be confident that all material on our sites are genuine and written by us. No one has put pressure on us to write anything special about there casino. If anyone would do that we would immediately stop collaborate with them in favour of other suppliers.

The future is already here

Online marketing has grown rapidly over the last 15 years and it will continue to grow. The use of mobile devices has completely exploded since the iPhone was launched in 2007. One advantage of being a small organisation is that we quickly can change course and adapt to new trends. This is particularly good in online marketing since the speed of change is even higher online than in IRL.

Affiliate marketing is the future because it benefits all parts. Our suppliers do not pay anything as long as our traffic doesn’t generate sales. It’s impossible to determine the effect of an add in a newspaper. In affiliate marketing, you can trace everything.



Enigma Media is founded on a quality engineers quality and process thinking is keystones in our organisation. Once quality was just about the end product, Toyota helped to change that in the 80s. Enigma Media sees the quality in 5 dimensions.


The customer is the key to our success. We have a strong customer orientation were we ask our customers for feedback and aim to surprise every time we develop something new. Quality of our product is determined by our customer’s perception. On our sites we want the customer to expect the best treatment and the latest information. Therefore we have raised the bar higher to challenge yourself to keep improving.


In affiliate marketing good content is essential. We keep our site updated with the latest products and news. We have daily contacts with our suppliers to keep ourselves up to date and learn more about the products.

Quality dimensions


We try to improve every day. We are also building the mentality to look for improvements in our processes, websites and behaviour towards our stakeholders. For us, it’s important to have a cheerful and open attitude and it should be fun to make business with us.


Our suppliers provide us with products to market. We spend a lot of time listening to and building relations with our suppliers. A big part of that is to give feedback and quickly respond to their needs. We believe in mutual benefit in all business and we see our suppliers as our partners.


To be able to create the best product possible and continue developing it’s necessary to keep growing. The more we grow the easier it is to create a strong organisation. Together we can design something unique.