The way we work

We believe that pain is the cause of addiction. If we can relieve the pain, we can also diminish the addiction. Pain can stem from many things. It could for instance come from abuse, neglecting parents or violence. But is can just as likely be part of loneliness, anxiety, depression, financial problems or loss.

We believe a happy person is more resistant to addiction because she has less pain in her life. We have built our entire platform around that. The first step is to identify the cause of the pain. Next step is to gradually work with this cause and try to fill it with something else. If the individual is lonely, the key is to help her to find new friends. By filling the void loneliness creates we hope to ease the pain. We use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to measure how happy a person is. The higher up, the happier the person is.

Our platforms are built round hope, inspiration and humor. We create an environment where people are allowed to make mistakes, invited to participate and get a chance to recover from their pain in their own speed.

Our Educational Blocks

How to create a change plan

It’s recommended to everybody to build a solid change plan. It prevents relapse and gives a good foundation to stand on.

How to Set up goals

If you don’t follow own goals, your following somebody else’s goals. We are always following goals.

How to get new friends

Beat loneliness by learning new social skills. Get new friends, keep your old ones and fill your life with laughter

How to get your dream job

Transform your current job into something meaningful or find your dream job with this guide.

How to improve your health

Worried about your health? Here are some tips that will put you back on the right track: Sleep, laugh, food and exercise.

How to deepen your relationships

Develop your way of talking. Find out how to build a long term relationship with a partner or friend.