Planting Trees

We hope to help millions of people with our online platforms. We believe that will improve the world we all live in. All members of our platforms will be encouraged to take on lessons with videos and exercises. We have also developed challenges for push the individual’s comfort zone.

All activities on our platforms get rewarded. Finishing a lesson gives a number of points, so does answering questions and posting in the forum. We believe that high activity is key to health progress in the programs.

The points can later be used to buy trees. At Enigma, we have a dream to save the world. We want to fight climate change. We want to engage everyone in that. For every 100p, we will pay for a tree to be planted.

Our goal is to plant 1 million trees within 5 years! For our users, it would mean they have scored 100 000 000p. WOW, that’s a lot of videos, answered questions, and finished programs. Fantastic, both for the Individual and the World!

We’d like to make the world a better place! Help us today!