What is an Affiliate?

As internet is growing new business opportunities are born every other week. Most newspapers live from their income from adds, in the late 70s the first TV commercials aired. When internet came, few saw the commercial potential in it. Today we spend many hours in front of our computers every day and internet commercial has been more important than TV and newspapers.

Internet marketing through affiliates is a smart way to make commercial online. The seller only pays when the add is generating sales, which makes it the most effective way of making commercial today.

So how does it work?

Say that your biggest interest is travelling. Of course you write about your trips in your blog and you have a few hundred followers that like the content you produce. Is there a way to make money from your blog? Yes, there are a few ways. Sometimes you can sell adds on the website. This could be good, but only if you have a lot of readers as none wants to pay if nobody sees the adds. So what to do? First you join some affiliate network that has set deals with for instance Hotels.com. A typical deal could be that you get a 8% commission of all sales generated by leads from your site.

When you have a deal you’re happy with you can start posting track links on your website. In the track link there is a special code telling Hotels.com that this customer comes from your site. If the customer chooses to purchase an hotel night you get commission.


There are many different products you can market as an affiliate. Today you can choose everything from games, flowers, gifts, travelling, insurance, candy, electronics…

The best tip we can give you is to create quality content on your site. Create value for the customer and he/she will award you for it. If you have high quality of your blog the customers with also come back. If you create value to them, the recom                                                                                                                                                                                                    mends you give them regarding the products will not be seen as commercial but as advice from somebody who knows what he/she is talking about.